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Call for Posters and Demonstrations!


Dear all,

We would like to call you attention to the open call for posters and demos for MIT Energy Night 2017. This event is devoted to highlighting innovative energy technologies and research. The night is planned to gather over 50 presenters, from established companies, start-ups, and academia. 

An estimate of 1500 attendees is expected during the night, who will be eager to get to know the energy scene at MIT and beyond. The MIT Energy Night is designed to allow for networking, interaction, and a better sense of the energy innovation scene in Boston and Cambridge. All this is done in a fun and informal way.

This year’s edition is happening on October 13th, between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM, at the MIT Museum.
You can submit your interest in presenting through the following link: 

We look forward to your response. Feel free to share this message with your colleagues developing exciting energy-related work.

Best regards,
MIT Energy Night 2017
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