Notes on things to potentially build in:

  • Misc
    • Spacing on Communities page is confusing
  • Sponsorship requests:
    • Gallery of pictures & names & titles of impressive (and broad-based) keynotes that have spoken (this may be on conference page too, but put a few things here if we can)
    • Testimonials: [Spreadout through site]
      • Founder (Dave Danielson) - Why club founded, vision for club - About page
      • Entrepreneur graduate of the club - "Energy Club is a great place to meet passionate fellow entrepreneurs and generate impactful ideas with the incredible intellectual resources across MIT", - Communities page
      • MONIZ!!!!! Home page
      • cool professor - leading voice in future of energy
      • Private sector - Sponsorship page
        • Saudi Aramco (Event page?) - Why came to hackathon from accross the world (to get ideas from MIT to solve problems that they've had for 40 years and have been thinking about in one way the whole time)
        • Talent aquisition - Schneider (Kevin Self?) talking about location in Mass to be near talent - MIT is invaluable, club is way to build meaninful connections with students
      • Public Sector - Sponsorship page 
      • International reach - Conference page?
      • Current student - How it's great to connect with students across campus and get access to private / public sector that might be part of their future - About page
      • NGO (MassCEC, NECEC)
      • Board Member - Board member page
    • Board member page? Under About us?
    • On Hackathon page (or somewhere on our page) Cool problems they've solved in the past

Mike Notes:

Split up newsletter into 3

Make button not redirect