Executive Leadership Team



Libby DeLucia

Libby DeLucia is a 2017 MBA candidate at the MIT Sloan School of Management. She has worked in renewable energy finance, project development and policy both domestically and internationally since she graduated from Brown University in 2009. Specifically, she worked at International Power (now Engie), TAG Energy Partners and the Clinton Foundation. She is passionate about transitioning the U.S. to a low carbon power system.



Ben Magolan

Ben is a Ph.D. candidate in the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department specializing in multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). He is interested in enhanced reactor designs, public policy, and social outreach programs that promote the application of nuclear power to meet the growing energy demands of the future. He is a Rickover fellow who holds a Bachelor's in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as a Master's in Nuclear Science and Engineering from MIT.


Andres Alvarez
Co-Vice President

Andres is an undergraduate senior in the MIT Nuclear Science & Engineering Department. He has experience with computational modeling and analysis of nuclear systems and is pursuing a minor in energy studies with a focus on economics. He is interested in advanced nuclear power, environmental policy, energy economics, and alternative energy sources.

Arturo Chavez-Gehrig
Co-Vice President

Arturo is a junior studying computer science and economics. He is passionate about data driven decision-making in the energy industry and beyond. He has data science experience at Sony PlayStation and the Broad Institute. He is determined to grow and unite the MIT community around energy issues.


Andrea Blankenship
Marketing Director

Andrea Blankenship is a Junior in the Department of Chemical Engineering. She has experience researching in various Biological Engineering Labs at MIT and working in the Oil & Gas Industry. She is also actively involved in the Undergraduate Energy Club and is excited to continue to explore the many careers and opportunities in Energy.

Lisa Khanna
Marketing Director

Lisa is a MBA candidate at MIT Sloan with experience in the financial sector covering oil and gas exploration and pipeline companies. She is interested in transitioning her focus to the alternative energy and clean tech fields while at Sloan. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Brown University.


Pablo Ducru
Sponsorship Director

Pablo is a PhD candidate within the Nuclear Science and Engineering department at MIT. His thesis focuses on quantum models of nuclear interactions for better uncertainty quantification.

He is particularly interested in nuclear power as a carbon-free base-load power source for industrial application in a future electricity mix challenged by intermittency and pricing difficulties. To this effect, Pablo is currently working on the MIT Offshore Floating Nuclear Plant project.

Pablo is also strongly interested in the pressing water challenges facing humanity, and has been working on the topic of satellite imagery processing for assessing groundwater reserves.

Julia Hawley
Sponsorship Director

Julia Hawley is an MBA candidate at MIT Sloan with experience in domestic and developing world solar as well as residential and commercial energy storage. Julia believes that access to energy and electricity should be a right not a luxury and is interested in technologies that can help erase the inequality gap between those with access and those without.



Moriel Levy
External Relations Director
Moriel, currently a senior in Chemical Engineering, has been part of the MIT Energy Club since freshman year. She was the Director of the Energy Expo in 2015 and has helped organize the Energy Conference since 2014. Her internship experiences include oil & gas companies, an energy efficiency firm, and the DOE. She plans to start working in the energy industry when she graduates.

Ruaridh Macdonald
External Relations Director

Ruaridh Macdonald is a PhD candidate in the department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. For his thesis, he works on novel methods to detect and identify nuclear warheads for nuclear non-proliferation and arms control purposes.

Ruaridh has worked on a variety of energy projects during his time at MIT, including designing a small salt-cooled nuclear reactor, developing offshore energy storage for wind farms and co-founding an Al-ion battery company. He is currently interested in new approaches to reducing the scale and cost of nuclear power.


Guillaume Carmona
Finance Director
Guillaume is a research scientist in the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, his works aims at identifying novel regulators of cancer cell invasion and metastasis. He is also interested in the impact of climate change on natural ecosystems and renewable energy sources to mitigate climate change.

Mahsa Nami
Finance Director
Mahsa is a student in the Technology and Policy Master's program at MIT. Her research focuses on future mobility trends and the impacts that different combination of fuels, vehicles, and policies will have on the economy and the environment. Prior to attending MIT, she received a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Business from the University of Toronto.


Pedro Yarahuan
Sponsorship Director
Pedro is an MBA candidate at MIT Sloan. Prior to attending Sloan, Pedro worked for EDP Renewables as a part of the Risk & Markets team and as a Consultant at Accenture Strategy. Pedro is passionate about the future of renewable energy in the United States. Pedro holds Bachelor of Arts (Plan II Honors Program) and a Bachelor in Business Administration (Finance, Business Honors Program) degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.





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