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Looking Back At The Energy Hackathon (an excerpt from the following linked article):


Energy companies connect with students at MIT Hackathon


Cole Albert, News Correspondent


Top students from all over the world gathered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Friday and Saturday, racing to solve real-world challenges at the MIT Energy Hackathon.


The hackathon was hosted by the MIT Energy Club, an organization devoted to hosting educational events to get people thinking about how they can improve the world. Energy and automotive companies provided hackathon teams with prompts, such as replacing Puerto Rico’s power grid, designing a more efficient biofuel generator and creating a plan to transition the automotive industry to electric-only vehicles. Teams were also tasked with considering the legal and financial limitations of their solutions.


The sponsors, which included General Motors, General Electric, The Energy Authority and Cimetrics Analytica, awarded prizes of $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000 to the top three teams, as well as $100 prizes to the winners for each prompt.


Energy Club member Akshat Agarwal, a third-year aeronautics and astrophysics Ph.D. candidate, said he was excited to help familiarize students with the complex issues faced by modern corporations. In its third year, Agarwal noted that the event is still growing, with new sponsors volunteering every year.