Now in its 3rd year, the MIT Energy Hackathon brings opportunities for learning, problem solving, and networking to the forefront as teams develop rapid, innovative solutions to the problems in energy that our society faces today.


For students, the MIT Energy Hackathon is a helpful platform to learn and understand real-world challenges, generate ideas, find startup partners, and win cash awards. For companies, the Hackathon acts as a powerful crowd-sourcing platform that generates a breadth of potential solutions to the environmental and energy challenges that these companies face.


After two days of teams competing to develop novel solutions for specific, energy and environmentally-minded challenges, an awards reception will be held, and the winning teams will receive prizes and recognition from the Hackathon's sponsors.


  November 3-5, 2017
   MIT Campus

10-250 (Huntington Hall) &

Lobby 13 (105 Massachusetts Avenue)




    Sarah Curtis

    Managing Director


Akshat Agarwal

Managing Director



                      Liam Fenlon                                              Caroline Liu                                    Ignacio Ortega Castineiras                                Content Team                                            Content Director                                            Content Team      


             Keith Phuthi                               Wendy Ma                               Melody Wang                         Zachary Schiffer

       Operations Co-Director               Operations Co-Director                   Sponsorship Director                   Advertising Director