Our Energy Communities


The different communities within the MIT Energy Club seek to provide a wide array of professional and academic outlets for students interested in energy, while facilitating cooperation between these different energy organizations across campus.


MIT Undergraduate Energy Club



The MIT Undergraduate Energy Club (known as UGE) aims to develop the next generation of leaders in energy by fostering an active community of over 50 undergraduates. We serve as a bridge between MIT undergraduates and the larger energy world, creating a network of undergraduates, faculty, alumnae, and professionals to promote opportunities in both academia and industry. From the first ever MIT Energy Career Fair to intercollegiate mixers to a research symposium, we connect over 300 students in the Greater Boston area with a shared passion for energy.

Get involved

If you are interested in learning more about our community, please contact us at uge-exec@mit.edu.

Sloan Energy Club.png

Sloan Energy Club



The Sloan Energy Club serves the management graduate community. The club's three main goals are to:

  • Help members get a job in energy
  • Help members become smarter about energy
  • Build a rich and fun energy community

GEt involved

Please contact us at energy.officers@sloangroups.mit.edu if you're interested in learning more about our energy community.